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Pine Cone Fire Starters

OK.  I know this isn’t exactly a camping article but aren’t these fire starters cute?!  And who can’t use a fire starter while they are camping?  They are so handy!  These pine cone fire starters are so easy to make too!  Our daughter loves to do crafts and learn to make new things so we are making these together for Christmas presents this year.

Materials Needed:

  • Pine cones
  • Wax – I bought cheap candles at the craft store.
  • Crayons – if you would like to make colored fire starters.
  • String – I used yarn.
  • Wax Paper on a cookie sheet
  • Double boiler (or whatever you use that works)

1. Start heating the wax.

This can take a while so you might as well get it going.  I just filled a pan with water and put my large measuring cup in the middle.  The candle is put in the measuring cup.  It took around 15 – 20 minutes to melt the candle completely.  Remember to keep checking your water level.  I did have to add water a few times before the candle was completely melted.  Also, don’t forget to remove the candle string once the candle is melted.

2.  Tie string around pine cone.

To tie the string around the pine cone we cut a length of yarn about 2 – 3 feet long.  Then, we tied the yarn to a cone scale at the bottom and wrapped the yarn around the pine cone working our way to the top.  We then tied one last knot with a loop at the top.

3.  Add color to the wax (if desired).

Since Abby is going to be turning these into Christmas gifts, we decided to make red and green pine cone fire starters.  To color the wax,  take the paper off of two crayons in the color that you would like the fire starters to be, and drop it into the wax.  Easy.  I did find it was easier to let the candle completely melt and then add the crayon.  That way you can see how much of the candle is left to melt.

4.  Time to dip the pine cones!

This part is super easy.  Just hold on to the string and dip the pine cone into the wax.  Then move it to the wax paper.

Now, let the wax cool and dip it again!

5.  Final touches.

We tried to different approaches for the final coat of wax.  For the red pine cones we poured the last of the wax over the top of them while they were on the wax paper.

For the green pine cones we used a spoon to scoop a cooler (thicker) wax onto the top of them.

I honestly like them both. 

Which to you like better, red or green?

Happy Camping!


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